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Jincy Has Been Speaking For Over 10 Years.

Jincy worked in corporate America prior to launching her own business as a speaker and author.
She began her speaking career in church, inspiring and changing lives. The tools she gained mastery over, as she witnessed people rid themselves of additions and self-sabotage to freedom are the tools she has further honed to bring to corporations and individuals through her training programs.

She is an inspirational leader who can motivate your corporation, sales staff and employees to reach higher heights.
Jincy’s practical teaching provides employees the tools to let go of fears and arise to make the most of every challenge life presents.

Drawing from her own life-challenging and life-changing experiences, her program employs a practical process that empowers individuals to dive deep within themselves to activate the power of their mind, its conscious and subconscious thoughts.

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Jincy inspires an individual to:

Recognize their unique strength

Remain in Their Superpower

Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs and Negative Talk

Utilize Challenges as Fuel for Personal Growth

Provide Practical Tools to Activate Gratitude Everyday

Become More Productive Employees

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Jincy brings her inspirational messages to corporations and communities, inspiring hearts to be fueled with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.


Jincy impacts people where ever she goes with an altruistic heart.

She helps people look at the bright side of things even when they are in their darkest hours.

Jincy orchestrated groups and workshops that helped the women in recovery come to a new understanding of who they are and there value to the world. Many tears were shed and healings have occurred.

Jocelyn Grant

AA & NA Sober House Leader

Jincy is one of my favorite and most remarkable speakers. She naturally captivates her audiences with her words of encouragement and pure inspiration. I have personally been changed by what she does and she leaves an impact wherever she speaks!-


Maurice Wylie

CSC, CEIC, Life coach/Speaker/Author

Gary Fishman


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