Miracle Mantras

Imagine How Quickly Your Life Can Change

  • When you say Yes to yourself
  • When you say Yes to all the beauty & majesty life longs to offer you
  • When you say Yes to the wonder and the wildness of your heart
  • When you say Yes to the inner knowings that lead to joy
  • When you say Yes to love

Imagine How Quickly Your Mind Can Become a Power Machine

  • When you say No to toxic thoughts of judgments toward others
  • When you say No to critical thoughts about yourself
  • When you say No to meddling in petty puddles
  • When you say No to smaller things and smaller ways

Imagine how quickly your day can change from negative to a positive mindset, with a slight shift in thought that a new string of words can ignite.

Imagine how words from the pages of book can transform your thoughts and life in a matter of minutes.

Imagine how much new happiness you can hold inside of you as the words from the pages of a simple book folds its rays of hope into the folds of your thoughts?

Offering you a blight straw of hope to clutch when all around seems dark and dull?

Miracle Mantras are the stars you can pluck from the chaotic, unruly yet grand sky of life … rub them, tuck them in your pocket, hold them close.

Miracle Mantras are yours to touch, to ponder, to play with until they blend and bleed into your pores.

Your heart will begin to beam a new shine and your soul with start to sing a new song, a new mantra.

Miracle Mantras

Miracle Mantras are daily meditations to gird the mind with courage, the heart with hope and the soul with living love.

Jincy Kelly is an author and dating/love coach. She is committed to seeing one life a a time being transformed leading an individual to unlock the power and rich resources of the mind.

Thought upon thought changed from low level thinking to high caliber thoughts is what brings radical transformation.

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