We have an inherent understanding that it is good to be a human who is grateful. Gratitude is like a soothing balm over sorrow. Over our scars. Over the question marks that loom over our mind.

We know that gratitude takes the sting out of the poison that infects our life Gratitude blunts the thorns.

When the body is suffering from too heavy a burden, And the mysterious groanings waft through the air A single thread of gratitude running through, changes the face of the giant drama.

Exactly do we gain mastery of this great gift called Gratitude?

Exactly how can you unleash gratitude in a practical manner into all the cracks and broken roads of your life?


My intention with this Gratitude blog is that while you are on a rough road, Or on the every-day-grind road,

That your gratitude receptors will be activated, even heightened By picking up a pebble of nugget found in the writings of the Gratitude blog.

With gratitude for you being here,
Jincy Kelly