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Hi, I’m Jincy Kelly, love coach and matchmaker.

We live in a world of tinder and dating Apps that lets you find women at the swipe of the thumb, yet more and more people are single, more disconnected and longing for more – the power of lasting love.
Love heals, but lust leaves us feeling more empty.

If you know that you are a great guy and are looking for that woman who makes your heart come alive and fulfills your deepest desires,
but you find yourself spending hours on dating apps, frustrated meeting the wrong kind of women.

Then I’m here with good news!

I offer a matchmaking service where I find out about your dreams and desires for your ideal mate and then match you up with someone who aligns with your heart’s desire.

I do all the heavy lifting for you. The women who I will be bringing to you will have gone through the Eight Pillars For Successful Love, – trained in the core elements for successful relationships and have addressed issues like healing from their past.

So if you are ready for some else do to the heavy lifting for you, save you time and frustration, and bring to you the kind woman that checks all your boxes and makes your heart come alive, then fill out the form below and let’s chat!

  • What does love mean to me?
  • My most memorbale memory ...
  • My most hurtful memory ...
  • My most favorite movie ...
  • My most favorite song ...

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