Jincy Kelly

Author & Fitness trainer

Free PDF – 5 Tips to Get Rid of Belly Fat by Healing Your Hormones

Jincy Kelly is an author and fitness trainer, with a pharmaceutical background. She is the creator of the Hormone Therapy Weight Loss program, based on the research from the nation’s leading hormone therapy expert, Dr. Sara Goddfried, combined with her research as a fitness professional with a background in pharmaceuticals. 

You have probably met someone who is super slim and yet they seem to eat whatever they want, whenever they want and never seem to gain weight, why? Because this person has a fast metabolism. 

The calories in-calories out hypothesis has been debunked. Latest research in the weight loss industry reveals that the greater cause for weight gain is a broken metabolism. While calories matter, the greater determining factor for weight loss is to fix a broken metabolism and train the body of have a fast metabolism. 

There are eight metabolic hormones in the body that determine your metabolism – whether you have a fast or slow metabolism. 
The Belly Fat Loss With Hormone Therapy program teaches you how to heal your broken metabolism, and restore and activate a fast metabolism. When you gain a fast metabolism, you will have high levels of energy and easily burn fat and lose weight.