Jincy Kelly is an author, a dating and love coach. She believes that Love is the most powerful force on this earth. Divine Love is the most powerful chemical in the world with potent power to dissolve every other lesser way within us.

Love has the power to transform us to become greater than we ever dreamed of.
Love is the weapon we wield to shield us from all the vicissitudes of life.

Love is the most potent power we can carry within ourselves. It is what has been abused and tainted so that we are afraid to embrace it, and believe that Love longs to shape our lives and fill it with unending joys.

Jincy Kelly helps men set their sights on pursuing the kind of love from a woman that transforms them. She helps them find the kind of woman who makes their life better than they dreamed of.

Jincy has also used her fitness journey to launch her own supplement to heal cellulite. Cellugone is a supplement that heals cellulite skin from the inside out, and it is curently sold at wellness centers in Arizona and soon to be launched in North America.

Jincy Kelly believes that tangible love transforms us. She takes men on a journey to learn to love themselves, heal them of their insecurities, develop a winsome marketing strategy with the story of their lives, to become highly attractive and attract the woman of their dreams.

Jincy Kelly is an author and dating/love coach. She is committed to seeing one life a a time being transformed leading an individual to unlock the power and rich resources of the mind.

Thought upon thought changed from low level thinking to high caliber thoughts is what brings radical transformation.

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