Jincy Kelly

I have learned that if all else it taken from us, we still have the richest of resources – the power of the mind.
It is not bound by circumstances.
It is not limited to boundaries.
It can rage wild and free and conquer.

It holds the power to transform rags to riches,
fear to power
hate to love,
its power is potent.

Yet, most of us are victims to the unruly thoughts that inflict and infest our minds.
Research reveals that the average human thinks about 50,000 thoughts per day.
It further reveals that about 80% of these thoughts are negative.

My School of Gratitude seminars offered to corporations, (and coaching to individuals) guides employees to consciously transform the 40,000 negative thoughts a day to 20,000 positive thoughts each day!

As a fitness trainer, I am passionate about seeing woman rise up to their beauty and strength. Yet, weight gain and cellulite can be a major deterrent to woman’s confidence.
My breakthrough solution to heal cellulite (that I spent a year in research armed with my pharmaceutical background) helps women heal cellulite skin from the inside out, while also losing weight.

Motivational Speaker & Author

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