Your 60-Day Weight Loss With Hormone Therapy Blueprint:

The Step-by-Step Plan

– 8-Part Video Series –

Lesson 3 – Thyroid and Thyroid Heart Math

Video #1 – Thyroid Hormone

Video #2 – Thyroid Heart Math

Jincy Kelly is an author and fitness trainer. Prior to launching her own business, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry – for two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms, based in Manhattan and in Orange County, California. 
As a fitness trainer, she is driven to find solutions that are scientifically backed. Always striving to uncover and understand the root cause of issues, and then address the problem where it originates. 

The Weight Loss With Hormone Therapy Program rings true to her heart’s cause – addressing the root cause of a colossal issue weighing on the world – obesity and being overweight. Healing our metabolic hormones heals not just our weight, but also brings healing to the inner workings of the body.